About James T. Giles

I am retired, living with my wife of 49 years in Mountain Green, Utah

There is an old Native American saying, “Certain things catch our eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart” My main medium choice is colored pencil, it best translates what is in my heart to the paper. I enjoy the study of faces, character and outdoors and birds.

My formal training was at Fullerton Jr. College and Salt Lake Community College. I like studies of early Native Americans and folks from 1900’s to 1920’s . Looking for some inner strength, gaiety sadness or loneliness of the chosen subject.

I admire the works of Norman Rockwell and Arnold Frieberg for these artist show of character, humor and love and strength.

Now this fine quote from Modern Artist Jean Cocteau, with which I agree: “An artist cannot speak about his art anymore than a plant can discuss Horticulture”